Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cartagena & Gronsky

Alejandro Cartagena: http://www.aperture.org/apertureprize/2009-3.php

Alejandro Cartagena is from Monterrey, Mexico. It is also where the photos were taken. At least in his series Lost Rivers, Alejandro used landscape and reflection of water along with scarce animal life to get his point across. The images are about the interdependence of man, and the ecosystems around him. Cartagena uses subtle evidence of the presence of man to show how man has interrupted the fragile nature of the ecosystem which is photographed. In this photo, one can see some sort of manmade structure on the left bank, and a set of possible tire tracks on the left as well. Cartagena used shape, shadow and light in order to arrange a masterful image.

Alexander Gronsky: http://www.aperture.org/apertureprize/2009-1.php

Gronsky comes from Moscow, Russia, a cold and desolate place. All of his photos in the series show the distant city, as well as a sense of serenity and peace in nature. Gronsky took advantage of the striking whiteness of snow, making his subjects pop out and become detached from the nature. Like Cartagena, Gronsky focused on man’s integration and into a unique ecosystem. However Gronsky also conveyed how humans can never truly be one with nature. Gronsky’s pictures have a depressing, emotionless feel. He arranges his elements in a very layered fashion: Snow, subject, trees, sky, and city. This gives the view many elements to focus on.

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